Best answer: Which of the following alcohols will have the lowest pKa value?

Thus 2,2,3-trifluoroethanol (C) has lowest pKa value.

Which Alcohol Has Lowest pKa?

Since −I effect of fluorine is greater than that of chlrone, so pKa value of 2,2,2-trifluorethanol is the least.

Which of the following has the lowest pKa value?

Since ClCH2COOH has only one α−Cl atom and Cl2CHCOOH has two α−Cl atoms; therefore, CHCl2COOH is a strongest acid among all and has lowest pKa value.

Which has the lowest pKa value phenol ethanol?

While in ethanol, ethyl group has a + I effect and increases the electron density around H of O—H group making it difficult to remove H as H+. Hence, phenol is more acidic than ethanol and has lower pKa value than ethanol.

Which of the following alcohols will have highest pKa value?

The phenol and ethanol both are alcohols. Out of these phenols are more acidic than phenols. So, they will be least acidic and thus will have the highest pKa value.

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Which of the following has the lowest pKa value CH3CH2COOH?

A CH3CH2COOH ® (CH3)2CHCOOH HCOOH CORRECT ANSWER D CH3COOH SOLUTION Lowest pka + Highest ka + High acididty. As R increases → Acidity decreases. Where, R is length of alkyl chain. So, HCOOH is more acidic and least value of pka.

What does a low pKa mean?

The lower the pKa of a Bronsted acid, the more easily it gives up its proton. The higher the pKa of a Bronsted acid, the more tightly the proton is held, and the less easily the proton is given up. … Low pKa means a proton is not held tightly. pKa can sometimes be so low that it is a negative number!

Which acid exhibit the lowest value for its pKa?

Among the given acids, the acetic acid has the lowest pKa value because of the reason that when R increases, then the pKa value also increases.

What is the pKa of alcohol?

Finally, the pKa of alcohols is about 16, and comparing these values, you can see that molecule A is a million times more acidic than molecule B.

Why phenol has a lower pKa than cyclohexanol?

due to the presence of double bonds. Phenol’s are much more acidic than cyclohexanol because the negative charge in the phenoxide ion is not localized on the oxygen atom as it is in an alkoxide ion but is de localized as it is shared by a number of carbon atoms in benzene ring.

Which among the following is most acidic?

Therefore, H,O is most acidic amongst the following.

Which of the following has maximum pKa value?


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Which of the alcohol is least soluble in water?

According to this, 1 − p e n t a n o l will be the least soluble in water, among the other given alcohols.

Which of the following has highest value of PK?

so, nH3 will be the answer, because it is least Basic out of all.