Can you do hearts of stone and blood and wine at the same time?

You can access it on the same save file. It’s just a matter of being the correct level requirement. You can also play each expansion in a stand alone sense.

Can you play Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine at the same time?

Blood and Wine

While it is possible to do, it will mean you miss out on a number of events, and a final quest that occurs after the end of Blood and Wine’s main story. While doing Hearts of Stone before Blood and Wine is preferable, it isn’t necessary given the disconnected nature of the Hearts of Stone campaign.

Should I do Hearts of Stone before final preparations?

The best time to play them may depend on what your priorities are. If you want the expansions to make the most narrative sense in terms of fitting into the story, I would say play Hearts of Stone while doing the main quest “Final Preparations” in Novigrad (close to the end of the game).

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Which is better heart of stone or Blood and Wine?

10 Blood and Wine is much bigger

Heart of Stones is an excellent DLC too, but it will only keep you occupied for about half the time of Blood and Wine which is something to keep in mind if you’re trying to choose between the two games.

When should I do Heart of Stone Witcher 3?

Most players agree that the Hearts of Stone DLC is best completed prior to completing the main questline because there are a few pieces of dialogue that the player will miss out on if they have already completed the main quest before starting Hearts of Stone.

Can you finish Blood and Wine before main quest?

Blood and Wine will be self contained, as is Hearts of Stone. That means you may start it any time you wish — it has no bearing on the main story — but it will be tailored to characters that are around level 34.

What level should I be for Blood and Wine?

Blood and Wine is recommended for anyone with a level 35 character, so if you finished the core game’s main quest, you’re pretty certain to be all good.

Is hearts of stone standalone?

Hearts of Stone can be played before or after completing the primary quest in The Witcher 3, but developer CD Projekt Red brilliantly included a stand-alone play option that grants the player with an appropriately leveled and geared character.

What order should I play The Witcher 3 expansions?

The recommended way to experience the Witcher 3’s DLC is by its release order. This means completing Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Hearts of Stone, and Blood and Wine in that order. However, it is possible for players to jump into Hearts of Stone first, even ahead of the main campaign, without any major story confusion.

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Is Blood and Wine better than the base game?

Blood and Wine features up to 90 percent new assets and “20 times the amount of vegetables.” De Gracia said that up to 90 percent of the expansion’s assets are brand new and feature things that you wouldn’t see in the base game. …

How many endings does hearts of stone have?

Hearts Of Stone was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s first expansion and features two different endings.

How many hours is Witcher 3 hearts of stone?

When focusing on the main objectives, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone is about 10 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 18½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What does blood and wine add?

The expansion features new characters, new dangerous monsters, new armors, new weapons, and a new Gwent deck of cards. It will also introduce a new gameplay mechanic armor dyeing in addition to so called Mutations. The quests are designed for Geralt characters level 34 or higher.

Should I take the rose from Iris?

At the end of the quest, Geralt can take the rose or leave it with Iris. Taking the rose will cut her connection to the world, erasing the painted world and possibly Iris herself. This will not have any effect on the game other than what happens to Iris, the dog, and the cat.

Should I start Hearts of Stone before Isle of Mists?

9 Not Getting To The Right Level

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Speaking of proper preparation, just like almost every quest in the base game has a recommended level, so does Hearts of Stone. The players shouldn’t start the DLC until they reach at least the thirtieth level, ideally a bit more.

What is the point of no return Witcher 3?

It is without question the most significant point of no-return within The Witcher 3. So much so that the game gives you an unequivocal warning to turn back if there was anything else you wanted to do. You’ll want to tie up these loose ends before setting sail on the last leg of the journey to finding Ciri.