Quick Answer: Did the Pharaohs drink wine?

Plutarch’s Moralia relates that, prior to Psammetichus I, the pharaohs did not drink wine nor offer it to the gods “thinking it to be the blood of those who had once battled against the gods and from whom, when they had fallen and had become commingled with the earth, they believed vines to have sprung”.

What alcohol did pharaohs drink?

The Production and Types of Ancient Egyptian Alcohol

Wine, known in the ancient Egyptian language as irep was most commonly produced from fermented grapes, but wine made from palms and dates were also consumed.

What did Egyptian pharaohs drink?

Generally speaking, ancient Egyptian pharaohs drank an early type unprocessed wine.

Why did the Egyptians drink wine?

The Ancient Egyptians believed that drinking wine made them like the gods. Ancient Egyptians believe that the goddess Hathor drank wine because she became addicted to blood when she was sent by her father to destroy some of his enemies. Instead of drinking blood, she turned to wine since it was red just like blood.

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Did Egyptians drink beer or wine?

In ancient Egypt wine was preferred by the upper class, whereas beer was a staple for working class Egyptians and a central part of their diet.

Did ancient Egyptian drink wine?

Wine in ancient Egypt was predominantly red. Due to its resemblance to blood, much superstition surrounded wine-drinking in Egyptian culture. Shedeh, the most precious drink in ancient Egypt, is now known to have been a red wine and not fermented from pomegranates as previously thought.

Did Egyptians only drink beer?

The culture. Then: In ancient Egypt, beer was so essential it was treated principally as a type of food – it was consumed daily and in great quantities at religious festivals and celebrations.

Why did Egyptians drink beer instead of water?

Men, women, and children all drank beer as it was considered a source of nutrition, not just an intoxicant. Beer was regularly used as compensation for labor (referred to as hemu) and workers at the Giza plateau, for example, were given beer rations three times a day as payment.

What beverages did ancient Egyptians drink?


What is the most popular drink in Egypt?

Egyptian Drinks

  1. Sugarcane Juice. Egyptian Aseer Asab Or sugarcane juice is a popular drink in Egypt. …
  2. Hibiscus tea. Karkade or hibiscus tea is a national drink, can be tasted at any coffee shop in any city. …
  3. Sahlab. …
  4. Lemonade. …
  5. Cocktail juice. …
  6. Pickle Juice. …
  7. Hummus Sham. …
  8. Dates with milk.

What did Egyptian wine taste like?

A typical wine from ancient times would have had a nose redolent of tree sap, giving way to a salty palate, and yielded a finish that could only charitably be compared to floor tile in a public restroom.

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Did they have alcohol in ancient Egypt?

The ancient Egyptians made at least 17 types of beer and at least 24 varieties of wine. The most common type of beer was known as hqt. Beer was the drink of common laborers; financial accounts report that the Giza pyramid builders were allotted a daily beer ration of one and one-third gallons.

Did ancient Egyptians get drunk?

Among common Egyptians, drunkenness is often associated with seduction and sexual activities, but is more commonly seen in parties and banquets and other social life. … Of course, intoxication could also have religious implications. Even the gods were thought to become drunk on occasions.

Did Egyptian slaves drink beer?

Egyptians used beer as a currency to pay slaves, tradesmen, priests, and public officials alike, which means that every Egyptian was entitled to a certain amount of daily beer. This quantity was strictly regulated, even at the highest level. A queen was entitled to 10 loaves of bread and two crocks of beer a day.

Why do Egyptians drink alcohol?

Despite the taboo drinking culture throughout the nation, beer in Egypt is thought to date back to the Predynastic period, prior to the year 3100 BC. Wine was actually preferred by the higher class in ancient Egypt, while beer was a staple of working class Egyptians and part of their daily diet.

What alcohol is Egypt known for?

Beer is the alcohol of choice in Egypt, amounting to 54 percent of local alcohol consumption. (Egyptian wine and liquors are an acquired taste that many fail to master.) The alcohol industry is monopolized by Al-Ahram Beverages, which has been in Egypt since 1897.

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