What chips go well with beer?

Do chips and beer go together?

The salty, crunch of a good potato chip with the cold, flavorful hops of a beer is a perfect combination.

What does beer pair well with?

1. A glass of light lager is crisp, smooth and carbonated which goes well with your BBQ chicken or fish and chips or even Thai curry. 2. A combination of the Indian pale ale with a classic burger, chicken curry, biryani and even desserts such as Apple pie brings out the intensity in flavours.

What do you drink with chips?

When in doubt, go with something fizzy.

  • Prosecco, Cava or Champagne. There are two excellent reasons to drink sparkling wine with chips while watching the Oscars: 1. …
  • Lambrusco. …
  • Moscato d’Asti. …
  • Pinot Noir. …
  • IPA. …
  • Americano cocktails. …
  • Any whiskey.

What do you drink with salt and vinegar chips?

Salt and Vinegar Chips

Salt and Vinegar chips demand wines with high voltage acidity. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will spar expertly with tangy vinegar, creating a rounder, well-balanced chip flavour.

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What beer goes with pork chops?

A good, sturdy stout or a nice malty, sweet German wheat beer such as hefeweizen also stands up well next to a grilled pork tenderloin or chop. German schwarzbier is the darkest of the lagers and offers a good balance to the fattiness of lamb. A Marzen, a pale but strong lager, can also be served.

What food goes with Corona beer?

Best Food Pairing With Corona

It is best to pair Corona with salsa, hot wings, Thai food and any other spicy ethnic varieties. Try it with any dish where chilies are a main ingredient.

What alcohol goes with fish & chips?

Smoked salmon, shrimp, fish and chips, and mussels all pair well with a gin and tonic because of the citrus flavors. Top your cocktail with a lime wedge to bring all the flavors together.

What alcoholic drink goes best with fish and chips?

Quality fish and chips are crunchy and textural so go for a wine with zippy balancing acidity.

  • Pair with: Semillon, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Pair with: Chardonnay, Verdelho or Fiano.
  • Pair with: Pinot Grigio, Vermentino or Rosé.
  • Pair with: Riesling, Semillon or Sauvignon Blanc.

What do you drink with hot chips?

Beer. Name a more iconic duo than beer and hot chips. You can’t! Beer is just a fantastic match with all kinds of chips – fat, skinny, spicy, curled, chicken-salt, chilli salt – anything!

What chips pair with chardonnay?

Potato Chips and Wine Pairings

Plain Potato Chips / Regular Potato Chips and an un-oaked Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. All match well with the saltiness of the chips.

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What chips go well with red wine?

The suggested pairings include: Original chips with shiraz-cabernet; sea salt and malt vinegar chips with pinot grigio; sweet chili and sour cream chips with pinot noir; balsamic vinegar and sweet onion chips with shiraz; lime and black pepper chips with sauvignon blanc; and jalapeno chips with riesling.

What chips are good with red wine?

Barbeque. “BBQ chips are the best for standing up to a medium or fuller red wine,” Sande explains.