Is carrying alcohol allowed in train?

Is carrying alcohol in train illegal?

The Railway Act, 1989

According to the Railway Act, no one is allowed to carry alcohol or any intoxicating substances in the rail property or any property owned by the railway authorities. Railway strictly regulates and prohibits the consumption and carrying of any intoxicating product or alcohol in any condition.

Can I carry a bottle of Whisky in train?

Possession of one or more bottle of liquors (below 1.5 ltr) is permissible but consumption is prohibited in train. Why you transporting it openly.

Can I carry alcohol from Goa in train?

Goa Excise issues permits to carry liquor (up to 2 litres) to Daman, Diu, Punjab, Rajasthan, Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Himachal. You can get a permit which cost around Rs. 20 from the shopkeeper and carries the bottles to these places.

Can we carry alcohol in train from Delhi?

Hi you can carry up to 2 bottles per person any where in india in train except Gujarat, Nagaland and Bihar.

Can I carry alcohol in Indian Railway?

✅ Can I carry alcohol in train in India? Alcohol is an inflammable substance and not permitted in trains.

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Can I carry alcohol from Goa to Mumbai?

Carry two bottles for personal consumption (Rule 19B)

The permit shall be issued in the prescribed form authorizing the person to carry the liquor with him duty paid I.M.F.

Can I carry liquor in train to Gujarat?

No, you are not allowed to carry liquor in trains. And moreover you are travelling to a dry state so I would advise you not to carry liquor. You can get liquor permit by showing your valid ticket and ID card of another state.

Can we carry alcohol from Goa to Delhi?

So, yes you can carry 5 litres of alcohol in your check-in baggage in most domestic flights.

Is smoking allowed in train?

At present, smoking cigarettes or bidi on the train is an offence under Section 167 of the Railways Act however the amount of penalty charged for the offence is just Rs 100 which does not act as a strong deterrent against smoking.

Can we carry hookah in train?

Shisha…you must pack in your case not hand luggage! just so you are all aware you MUST NOT carry or pack Shisha’s in your hand luggage.

What is duty free alcohol?

What Is Duty-Free? Duty-free refers to the act of being able to purchase an item in particular circumstances without paying import, sales, value-added, or other taxes. … Many popular duty-free items found in airport shops include liquor, chocolate, and perfume.