Your question: Is Costco or Superstore liquor cheaper?

Is Costco liquor store cheaper?

Costco Has a Low Price Markup on Liquor

When compared to other retailers, Costco has a lower retail markup of about 10 to 14 percent, where other liquor stores charge a 25 and 45 percent markup.

What grocery store has the best alcohol prices?

As it turns out, for most items, Costco is the best and it is not close. That’s particularly true if you’re just trying to get the biggest quantity of beer at the lowest cost — you can grab 36-packs of Tecate and Coors Light for $22.49 (about 62 cents a beer) or a 24-pack of PBR for $13.99 (about 58 cents a beer).

Are liquor stores or grocery stores cheaper?

Alcohol is generally cheapest at the larger grocery stores. For the simple reason that they have a strong buying position as they buy in massive quantities which allows them to sell at a discounted rate. The small liquor stores just can’t compete with this level of competition.

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Is whiskey cheaper at Costco?

Costco liquor is much cheaper than other liquors on the market. Not only that, but name-brand liquors are also cheaper at Costco. And in 14 states, you don’t even need a membership to purchase alcohol at Costco.

Is Kirkland Vodka really GREY goose?

Differences between the vodkas

“No, Grey Goose Vodka does not produce nor privately label Kirkland vodka,” Joe McCanta, Grey Goose’s Global Head of Education, told USA TODAY. “This is a viral claim that has circled Grey Goose for many years and it’s completely false.” Costco had no comment.

Do you need a membership for Costco liquor Canada?

“No membership required” to purchase alcohol

This is stated right on the Costco Canada liquor store website. While this source states that this rule is exclusive to Costco locations in Alberta, the Costco website presents this as a national policy.

Can you buy Costco liquor online?

Alcohol home delivery is legal in 11 states

More than 200 Costco locations in California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio and Washington, D.C. offer same-day delivery through Instacart.

Is liquor cheaper at Walmart?

Prices for most liquor is at least 10% better at Walmart than the duty free.

Is total wine or Costco cheaper?

The overall takeaway: Total Wine & More is a worthy challenger, beating or matching Costco’s prices on every item we looked at, albeit by narrow margins, except Kahlua, Tecate, Cook’s Champagne and one brand of scotch, which were cheaper at Costco.

Is it cheaper to buy liquor by the case?

You’ll get a lower per-bottle price when you buy a case online. This works especially well to save money on wine, because Amazon sells wine and they’ve always got deals cooking.

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Why you should stop drinking 10 dollar grocery store wine?

Without knowledgeable wine clerks to help customers with their purchases, the wines in grocery stores tend to collect dust. The bottle aren’t kept at cellar temperature and they’re not treated with the same care you’ll find at a wine store. Which means you’re more likely to get a bad bottle of wine.

What state has the cheapest alcohol prices?

Spirits are taxed the least in Wyoming and New Hampshire, where government-run stores have set prices low enough that they are comparable to having no taxes on spirits. Following Wyoming and New Hampshire are Missouri ($2.00), Colorado ($2.28), Texas ($2.40), and Kansas ($2.50).

Who makes Kirkland Speyside?

Kirkland 18 Year Speyside Single Malt Scotch is a whiskey sold through Costco’s private label brand using Alexander Murray as its independent bottler. The Speyside label is a reference to the region, but because it’s a single malt it comes from a single distillery.

Which Kirkland liquors are good?

The Best And Worst Kirkland Liquors To Buy At Costco

  • Best: Kirkland Signature American Vodka. …
  • Best: Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky. …
  • Best: Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whisky. …
  • Best: Kirkland Signature XO Cognac. …
  • Best: Kirkland Signature Irish Cream Liqueur. …
  • Best: Kirkland Signature French Vodka.