Does Michigan make wine?

Both varieties of grape make award-winning wines.

Is wine made in Michigan?

Michigan wine refers to any wine that is made in the state of Michigan in the United States. … Most of the quality bottled wine of Michigan is produced in the five American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) of Fennville AVA, Lake Michigan Shore AVA, Leelanau Peninsula AVA, Old Mission Peninsula AVA, and the Tip of the Mitt AVA.

Does Michigan have wineries?

You will be sure to find that perfect wine with more than 140 wineries to choose from across the state. … There is no better way to explore Michigan, and Michigan’s wineries, than with an unhurried afternoon sampling award-winning wines along one of the state’s many wine trails.

Is wine from Michigan Good?

Michigan wine country is no Napa (far from it) but it does produce some wonderful bottlings. Throw in hyper-local restaurants and gorgeous vistas, and the result is a surprisingly satisfying travel experience.

What wines are made in Michigan?


  • Aurora NV Brut Rosé Sparkling (Leelanau Peninsula) …
  • Soul Squeeze 2017 The Pearl Sparkling Rosé (Old Mission Peninsula) …
  • Mawby NV Talis Brut Sparkling (Leelanau Peninsula) …
  • Bel Lago 2019 Brut Auxerrois Auxerrois (Leelanau Peninsula) …
  • Good Harbor NV Benjamin’s Vineyard Blanc de Noirs Sparkling (Leelanau Peninsula)
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What wine is Michigan known for?

Lake Michigan Shore AVA in the southwestern part of the state enjoys the benefit of an extended growing season, with approximately four additional weeks for ripening. This part of the state excels at producing big, jammy red varietal wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Where are the most vineyards in Michigan?

In the southwest, the Lake Michigan Shore and Fennville AVAs account for around 40% of the state’s wine, while in the northwest the Leelanau Peninsula and the Old Mission Peninsula AVAs, which jut north either side of Traverse City, are responsible for 55% of production.

How many wineries are in northern Michigan?

Northern Michigan is home to 40 wineries, all set against beautifully scenic backdrops.

Does Michigan have good wineries?

Making Wine in Michigan

Michigan is now home to over 100 wineries and thousands of acres of vineyards, skyrocketing the state into the top ten wine-producing states in the nation.

Why are Michigan wines sweet?

Grapes are harvested in the fall, when the fruit is ripe. Just like any other fruit, when grapes ripen they get sweeter. … But if you stop fermentation along the way, there is some residual sugar left in the juice, and this makes a wine sweeter.

Are Northern Michigan wines good?

SAN FRANCISCO — Two area wineries earned Best of Class honors at the 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Chateau Grand Traverse and Leelanau Cellars earned Best of Class honors. The winery added gold for its 2017 Vintage Port. …

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How many AVAs are in Michigan?


Michigan has five American Viticultural Areas, which are federally designated areas where the wines produced exhibit similar characteristics that are distinct from other regions. Qualities like soil type, climate and the like can play a role in the wines that result.

Who owns Bonobo winery in Michigan?

Bonobo Winery was founded by brothers and longtime Traverse City natives, Todd and Carter Oosterhouse.

How many wineries are in Leelanau peninsula?

The 26 wineries in Leelanau County are set in the rolling countryside near Traverse City. Their award-winning wines and many views of Lake Michigan make wine touring a major Northern Michigan attraction and a memorable part of an Up North vacation.

What countries make ice wine?

Icewine – or ‘Eiswein’ – is a type of sweet wine, originally made in Germany and Austria, but also more recently in Canada and China. The grapes are left on the vine into the winter, and eventually the water in the grapes will freeze.