Quick Answer: What kind of wine is plum wine?

Plum Wine or Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping fresh Japanese plum (ume) in shochu/white liquor and sugar. The sweet and sour flavors with the fruity aroma are very appealing and you can make many kinds of drinks with it! Inspired by the Japanese drama – Midnight Diner.

Is plum wine considered a red wine?

A Japanese producer of plum wine says its plum wines have an alcohol content of about 12 percent, which is similar to that of red or white wine. … A standard serving of wine is 5 oz; however, it being a sweet dessert wine, a standard serving of plum wine is only 4.1 oz.

What category is plum wine?

“Plum wine, or umeshu, is a liqueur made by steeping ume, or the Japanese plum, in some sort of liquor,” says Justin Park, co-owner/head bartender of Bar Leather Apron in Honolulu. Shochu is a common base spirit, but distillers also use brandy or saké to soak ume.

What alcohol is plum wine?

Plum wine blends a sweet and sour taste of plum flavors with (traditionally) a standard of 12% alcohol content.

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Is plum wine a white wine?

This wine is made using a method that has been prevalent in Japan for over 100 years. This is a dessert white wine, and has a rich taste and aroma of Ume plums. The other popular varieties may have the fragrance of grape, rice, or sake. The wine goes really well with desserts like puddings and pies.

Is plum wine same as sake?

In fact, ume has higher acidic content than plums and is more sour than its Western counterparts so it is usually pickled or preserved. If this is a bit confusing, don’t worry, as the terms “plum wine” or “plum sake” are widely accepted and synonymous with each other to describe umeshu.

Is plum wine served chilled?

There are many different ways to drink and enjoy umeshu. For the purest drinking experience, chilled umeshu can be enjoyed straight up so that the flavors are not diluted by melting ice. The most common way to drink umeshu is on the rocks. The ice may be larger rocks or crushed, for an even more refreshing version.

What can I substitute for plum wine?

In Japan, we have a liquor called “White Liquor” (ホワイトリカー), which we use for making plum wine or fruit wine. If you can’t find it, don’t sweat it and use shochu or vodka.

Is plum wine good for your health?

Plum wine’s antioxidant levels have been identified as “moderate”, making it superior to cherry and raspberry wines but lesser than grape and blueberry wines in terms of antioxidants. … Plum wine also features several essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron and potassium.

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Does fruit wine contain alcohol?

Fruit wines contain 8-11% alcohol and 2-3% sugar with energy value ranging between 70 and 90 kcal per 100 ml. The present explained about the fermentation of wine and its quality analysis.

What is Plum whiskey?

Plum Liquor with Japanese Whisky

The “Matsui plum wine-prepared whiskey” is a liqueur made from a blend of carefully selected whiskies and local plum wine. … Enjoy the intertwined taste of whiskey and plum wine in your favorite way, whether it is straight, on the rocks or mixed with soda.

How strong is Choya?

This umeshu plum wine has a sweet, fruity flavour without a strong alcoholic taste. 750ml bottle. 10% ABV, bottled in Germany.

Is sake distilled?

Thats right, sake is brewed. Not distilled.

Although there are many parallels between sake, beer, and wine, it is truly a unique brewing process. Sake is not a liquor and is not distilled and while it has a high ABV and complexity like wine, there are no natural sugars in rice.

How do you drink plum wine?

Enjoy plum wine neat, on the rocks, or in a simple highball. However, the sweet and sour plum liqueur works well as a replacement for vermouth and can thus also be used in cocktails.

Is Kikkoman plum wine sweet?

My favorite, sweet but not to sweet … love it on ice.

Is gekkeikan a sake?

Gekkeikan Traditional is a classic junmai style sake. This is the real, authentic taste of Gekkeikan USA, inherited from Gekkeikan in Japan, and made with American water, American ingredients, and by both Japanese and American employees. Northern California original sake.

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